Our Pest Services


Our goal is to provide the highest quality of pest eradication services available using the best principles of integrated pest management to protect the health and welfare of our clients, their families, homes, and environments. In our efforts to be environmentally friendly and keep your home pest free, we utilize many green procedures and techniques while still attaining the best results.

A typical initial service begins with a thorough inspection to identify any current access points, infestations, or conditions conducive to pests. Next, we recommend any corrective measures or exclusion techniques. Preventative chemical applications are made to the exterior of your home to repel insect invaders and interior treatments are applied as needed to eradicate any spot infestations.


Whether you’re in property management, food service, food manufacturing, health care, education, pharmaceuticals, office management, or manage any other type of facility or business, a pest-free environment is an absolute necessity.

Each commercial service program is designed specifically for your unique building or site after thorough inspections and discussions. Depending on these results and the client’s needs, we provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and on-call services. These programs combined with the best in new ideas and technologies allow Viper Pest to get the required results while maintaining a low profile in the dynamic environments that exist in commercial complexes today. We educate our clients on the most effective prevention methods, as well as what to expect on a seasonal basis.


Recurring routine service as well as on-call services available depending on your needs:
  • weekly
  • bi-weekly
  • monthly
  • bi-monthly
  • quarterly
  • and on-call services
  • exterior only
  • exterior and interior
  • bait stations

Go Green

nature cide

Viper Pest now offers ‘Green’ pest control, featuring Nature-Cide® all-natural, non-toxic insecticide/pesticide.

We decided to offer the Green Pest Control Program after encountering the new all-natural line of pesticides from Nature-Cide®. The company is using an all-natural line of products for pests such as spiders, centipedes, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, and more. Products we are using on the perimeter from Nature-Cide® even repel mice, rats, and snakes.

Some of the benefits of the Nature-Cide® green pest control line includes reduced application restrictions and runoff concerns. Another obvious benefit is the great smell the new products offer, including cedar, cinnamon, and clove oil.